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26.2 Life Lessons

by Cami Ostman
and Carol Frazey

Hardcore and wanna-be runners have something in common. They all have to push back against resistance in order to suit up and get out the door. Once out the door, a runner will sometimes feel invigorated by the wind in her hair and the beat of her feet on the ground, while other times, she will fight for every footfall. Regardless of experience or level of competitiveness, every runner needs three things: encouragement, sound training advice, and a way to incorporate running into the rest of her life. 26.2 Life Lessons: Helping You Keep Pace with the Marathon of Life is full of all three. This little book is your cheerleader, marathon training guide, and your mindset coach all in one!


About the Authors

Cami Ostman is a life and writing coach, author of Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents and the co-editor of Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religion (Seal Press). Cami holds a Bachelor of Education in English and Theater from Western Washington University and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University. She runs a mine-month program to help writers get their books done called The Narrative Project. She is also a dog lover, a wine connoisseur, a runner, and a blogger. Her blogs can be found at, and Her professional offerings can be found at Cami has been reviewed or featured in O Magazine, Adventures Northwest, Fitness Magazine, and The Atlantic. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her four-legged creatures.

Carol Frazey is the author of The Fit School Diet Plan: 1 Year to a Nutritionally and Physically Fit Life e-book. She earned an M.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado while working with athletes who would go on to become Olympians. As an undergraduate at Pennsylvania State University, Carol was a member of both the cross country and track and field teams. Carol is president of Fit School, Inc. ( where she provides coaching and presentations on finding one’s power and wellbeing through movement. Also, she is currently an elected councilmember for Whatcom County. Carol has appeared in Woman’s Day, Dr. Oz, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Garden’s Magazines. Her mission is to educate and motivate individuals to make small changes each day to live healthier lives . . . and to have fun while doing it! She can be found hiking and running on the trails in Bellingham, Washington.

As the hiking population in our region grows and less of the private forestland is accessible to the general public, the need for new hiking destinations increases. Fire lookout locations provide good hike routes in a range of lengths and difficulties. Most hike guidebooks include a few routes to lookout sites, but most lookout locations have not been addressed in any guidebook. Lost Fire Lookout Hikes & Histories: Olympic Peninsula & Willapa Hills is unique in including only routes to forest fire lookout sites, providing accurate hike directions to each historical location, and offering carefully researched notes on the history of each destination, as well as comments on the trees and plants on each trail.

This book includes routes to almost all the freely accessible fire lookout sites from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Columbia River, from the Pacific Ocean to Puget Sound and Interstate 5. Its fifty-nine chapters include routes to sixty-five lookout sites, all hiked by the author within the last few years.

Each chapter begins with a brief history of the hike’s destination. A wide variety of historical resources have been consulted to find the range of information that is included. Most lookout buildings were not intended for year-round or long term occupation. They were constructed inexpensively to provide a few years’ shelter during summer fire seasons. A few were famous and were included in the driving guides of the mid-twentieth century. Many were remote and known only to firewatchers on nearby towers, and the forest rangers who relied on their reports.

The second section of each chapter provides a summary hike description, with both a short paragraph of text and a table providing quantitative information about the hike. Next are the driving directions to the trailhead, presented in easy to follow bullet style-intended for use by the driver or navigator as they cope with a bumpy forest road.

The final section of each hike description provides the details of the walking route itself: the hiking surface, distances, intervening elevation gains, notable views, wildflowers, trees and other natural features. This collection also recognizes the value of lightly travelled forest roads as hiking routes. Gravel and dirt roads offer drier, more stable surfaces for winter hikes and more space for social hikes, year-round.

The book includes maps to convey the geographical relationship between the neighboring lookout sites, as well as maps providing hiking route details. Lost Fire Lookout Hikes & Histories: Olympic Peninsula & Willapa Hills also includes a larger collection of historical images of the region’s lookout buildings than any other current resource.

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