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Scold's Bridle

by Ronna Russell

Scold’s Bridle

by Ronna Russell

Women are given impossible choices every day. This is how we got here.

Ronna Russell weaves a backward-in-time series of short stories depicting the violent oppression, complicity, and participation of white women, exposing individual choices that resulted in the abandonment of sisterhood for survival. The past is not what we have been told. Russell’s book shines a light into the dark corners of our past where, at every turn, religion holds the sharp stick, the torch, or the bridle. All events are based on true stories as seen through the eyes and participation of the main characters, the sting of which are still felt in our lives today.


Russell’s collection of short stories held my attention from the first page to the last. With beautiful prose and vibrant characters, Russell weaves a tale that is not only harrowing, and, at times, disturbing, but relatable.
—Amber Garza, author of In a Quiet Town and When I Was You

Searing, unflinching, magical: Scold’s Bridle is a psychic journey of the body, connecting the dots between the white woman’s cruel participation in the making of the United States, cellular memory, and a blush of hope for change.
—Anneliese Kamola, author of “Counter Curses”

Scold’s Bridle is highly ingenious in the way it traces the same characters back through the centuries as they play out variations on their relationships and stories. The common thread is how women survive the patriarchy and the church, or, sadly, how they do not survive it.
—Dr. Claire Robson, author of Writing Beyond Recognition: Queer Restorying for Social Change

[Russel’s]exploration of the limits on women’s behavior and their tendency to take both their petty frustrations and need for survival out on other women leads readers to consider their own role in continuing this generational experience. This work is a must read for anyone interested in feminism and gender studies, especially in a post-Dobbs v. Jackson world.
—Lindsay J. Starkey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Kent State University

The strengths of the women (Rebecca, Rae Ann, Delfa) and the weaknesses of our species are on intimate display through these main characters as they highlight humanity’s capacity for inhumane treatment of one another—all in fulfillment of others’ expectations, borne from the restrains of religion in a patriarchal society.
—Bob King, Professor of English, Kent State University

I have read this book twice and want to read it a third time. I love it…Descriptions involving all the senses—especially sight but also sound, taste, smell, and touch—create a vivid backdrop for the narratives.
—Dr. Linda Spurlock Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, Kent State University

Scold’s Bridle announces the auspicious debut of Ronna Russell, whose voice comes to us at an essential time in American feminist literature. The characters in this collection will leave neither one’s heart nor one’s mind.
—Jacinda Townsend, Assistant Professor of Literary Arts, Brown University

Finding the Good

by Carol Chapman

Finding the Good

by Carol Chapman

In the heartfelt memoir, Finding the Good: A Journey through Love, Loss, and Living, follow Carol as she navigates the challenges of being thrust into the role of caregiver for her husband after an unexpected seizure leads to a prolonged health battle. In the face of adversity, she discovers reserves of strength she never knew she possessed. Through the highs and lows, Carol’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering bond between a woman, her mate, and her loyal corgi companions. Finding the Good is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the power within us to persevere. Carol’s journey is a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is often a glimmer of goodness waiting to be discovered.


In Finding the Good, Carol Chapman invites readers into her deeply personal journey of creating meaning through life’s best and most challenging moments…Carol has crafted a poignant and uplifting memoir that speaks to the universal human experience of loss and the transcendent power of hope.
—Kilty Brown, Director Casper Hospice and Transitions

Your articles and wise counsel have helped me get through the grieving process.
—Henri Manning, widow

Chapman’s ability to be candid about the challenges along the way will inspire readers, as will her quiet courage and determination to “find the good” in navigating the solo life she never imagined.
—Susan J. Tweit, award-winning author of Bless the Birds, Living with Love in a Time of Dying

I wanted to laugh and eat chocolate with Carol. I wanted to snuggle with her Welsh corgis. Most of all, I wanted to hug her when she found her strength and held on to her positive attitude while slowly losing the love of her life.
—Rachel McPherson, Director of Development, Central Wyoming Hospice

Chapman’s memoir is an intimate journey through the big and small moments that make up our lives…[Her story] is peppered with humor, work, corgis, humility, and the unexpected angels who show up when we need them.
—Samin Dadelahi, President & CEO, Wyoming Community Foundation

Finding The Good is a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit. I am a better person and feel present in my own life simply because I took the time to read it.
—Craig Cummings, Executive Director, Casper Humane Society

Climate Dragon

by Sandy Lawrence

True Stories VI

Edited by Cami Ostman and Dana Tye Rally

Oaxaca: A Wayfaring Writer's Anthology

Edited by Lisa Dailey, Cami Ostman, and Amanda Stubbert

Gene & Toots

by Marilea C. Rabasa and Gene Dunne

Man Alone

by Jack Remick


by Carol McMillan

Spring and All

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Blood Too Bright

by Jerri Dell

Memphis, Elvis-Style

by Cindy Hazen & Mike Freeman

True Stories V

Stories from The Narrative Project

Turbulent Waters

by Jes Hart Stone

Taming the Dragon

by Gary Tubbs

Never the Same Again

edited by Susan E. Greisen, Susan Corbett, Karen E. Lange

Centennial Memoir, Volume II

by Peggy Kalpakian Johnson

Across the Distance

by Christina A. Kemp

26.2 Life Lessons

by Cami Ostman
and Carol Frazey

True Stories IV

Stories from The Narrative Project

Expecting the World

by Jerri Dell


by Brenda M. Asterino

Ocean of Time

by Robert A. Duke

Straight Enough

A Memoir by Lorinda Boyer

Hairy Vaj, Please

My Journey on OkCupid

Square Up

50,000 miles in search of a way home

Blood on a Blue Moon

A Sheaffer Blue Mystery

Rain Drops

Jack Darby Rider

True Stories III

Stories from The Narrative Project writers

This Uncommon Solitude

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Heart of This Family

by Linda Morrow

Titles Acquired From Penchant Press International LLC

Celia's Heaven

by Nancy Canyon

What If We All Bloomed?

by Victoria Doerper

A Quest for Tears

by Seán Dwyer

True Stories, Vol. II

Stories from The Narrative Project writers.

True Stories, Vol. I

Stories from The Narrative Project writers.

The Last Outrageous Woman

by Jessica H. Stone

So Much Depends Upon...

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Memory Into Memoir

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Doggie on Deck

by Jessica H. Stone

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