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The essays in What Do I Know? ask questions about love, wisdom and knowledge. What is Love in the twenty-first century? Is there a wisdom of marriage? Are our bodies “naturally wise? What is the nature of orgasm? Can wisdom decay in time? Remick asks the enigmatic question—Is the “speaking word-ape” being overwhelmed by “stupid wisdom?”

Jack Remick is a novelist, poet, and essayist. His novels include Blood; Gabriela and the Widow; The California Quartet, as well as two short story collections, and Satori, poems. Remick and Robert J. Ray co-authored The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery. Remick’s perplexing work S.B.Vpmr, is waiting for Godot to explain it.

Straight Enough

A Memoir by Lorinda Boyer

Hairy Vaj, Please

My Journey on OkCupid

Square Up

50,000 miles in search of a way home

Blood on a Blue Moon

A Sheaffer Blue Mystery

Rain Drops

Jack Darby Rider

True Stories III

Stories from The Narrative Project writers

This Uncommon Solitude

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Heart of This Family

by Linda Morrow

Titles Acquired From Penchant Press International LLC

Celia's Heaven

by Nancy Canyon

What If We All Bloomed?

by Victoria Doerper

A Quest for Tears

by Seán Dwyer

True Stories, Vol. II

Stories from The Narrative Project writers.

True Stories, Vol. I

Stories from The Narrative Project writers.

The Last Outrageous Woman

by Jessica H. Stone

So Much Depends Upon...

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Memory Into Memoir

by Red Wheelbarrow Writers

Doggie on Deck

by Jessica H. Stone

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