We released two e-books this month: A Quest for Tears by Seán Dwyer and Celia’s Heaven by Nancy Canyon.

A Quest for Tears

When his small Honda is rear-ended by a much larger vehicle (traveling at 55 miles per hour), the Honda is demolished and while the small car’s owner manages to walk away, he suffers extensive brain injury. His struggle to regain memory, sense of smell, vision without the aide of dark glasses, life without headaches, and the ability to cry, lasts several years. In that time the author of A Quest for Tears joins a large group of people also suffering from traumatic brain injury as they move together through a long and painful struggle to regain life “before” the loss of tears.

Find the e-book here: https://www.amazon.com/Quest-Tears-Surviving-Traumatic-Injury-ebook/dp/B08VF8W63Z

Celia’s Heven

Holed up in a little churchhouse during a terrible blizzard that shuts down Vinegar Valley, Preacher Ed Monroe and his disreputable daughter, Celia Monroe, find themselves at odds over conflicting belief systems. As they take precautions to survive the storm, the preacher secretly makes a plan that will irreparably undermine Celia’s life. Meanwhile, Star, Celia’s dead twin, intervenes from beyond the grave, helping Celia recall a destructive family secret. Through a set of circumstances that alter Celia’s beliefs that she’s as dark and tangled as lily roots, a certainty she’s held tightly to since she was a young girl, Celia begins to see her own purity again. Celia’s Heaven explores the difference between those who profess righteousness and those who live life from their true nature, spinning a paranormal tale of redemption and self-love.

Find the e-book here: https://www.amazon.com/Celias-Heaven-Nancy-Canyon-ebook/dp/B08VQ7YRP9

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