Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia

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edited by Susan E. Greisen, Susan Corbett, Karen E. Lange

Never the Same Again is a collection of sixty-three true stories and poems that will take you on a journey through life, service, and friendship in Liberia. This anthology of enduring hope spans sixty years. Written by those who lived and worked in Liberia, this book shares heartfelt accounts of adversity and acceptance, illness and healing, escape from war, and improbable reunion. Glimpse into everyday Liberian life in the village, classroom, and clinic, where relationships were formed and lost, and many were found again. Once you read this book, you will feel as its authors do…never the same again.

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  • Paperback: ‎ 254 pages
  • ISBN-13:‎ 978-1736935156
  • Price: $20.95

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