Summer has been a whirlwind here at Sidekick Press! Even though I love the sun and paddle boarding on the lake, I can’t wait for fall… my favorite season! I love the changing colors, the crisp morning air, and a month of documentaries at my local, independent theater. Most of all, I love to finally turn on my fireplace and curl up to read a good book. I’m so thankful that life is starting to return to normal. Find a description of our newest titles below and check out some of the upcoming events! I hope to see you there….

New Releases


Taming the Dragon: My Memoir of Coming Out, Addiction, and Awakening by Gary Tubbs

Taming the Dragon is a remarkable story of resilience and return to authenticity. It is the memoir of a creative young soul, oppressed by society and told he was unacceptable. Gary denied his essential self in an attempt to conform. On the surface, he survived the desperate search for approval from family, friends, and community. He even thrived professionally. But he struggled and suffered personally as time and again his true nature cried out. 

Gary’s rocky path took him through a heart-wrenching divorce and overt discrimination into a series of dysfunctional relationships carrying years of unhealthy emotional baggage. Then, as a new millennium dawned, it also ushered in a spiritual awakening. Insight, creativity, and integrity returned through fits and starts, bright successes, and dark failures. Taming the Dragon is an emotional rollercoaster of laughter and tears, madness and miracles. It shows us all that self-love and healthy relationships are possible, regardless of age or past mistakes.

Gary will be holding several events in the Pacific Northwest. Check out Events below for more details.


Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural statement inspired Americans to serve their country for the cause of peace by living and working in the developing world. His vision created the Peace Corps in 1961, and the first volunteers arrived in Liberia in 1962. Sixty years later, in 2022, we celebrate this anniversary with our anthology, Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia.

Storytelling has a long tradition throughout Africa. Elders have used stories to share their wisdom and knowledge through the generations, passing along their history, traditions, and lessons. Our anthology continues this tradition through stories about relationships that provide a cross-cultural awareness we can learn from and share with others. We offer a window into everyday village life: work in the classroom or the clinic; living among the people; relationships that were formed and lost; and the trials and tribulations of civil unrest and epidemics.

About the Writers

Our writers belong to Friends of Liberia (FOL), a nonprofit organization. We are former Peace Corps Volunteers, Liberians, missionaries, medical relief workers, and contractors. Our service to Liberia mattered. Our footsteps left footprints – a human connection that has endured through a lifetime of service. This connection continues through FOL’s mission to support Liberia by funding educational, social, economic, and humanitarian programs. Visit for ordering information.

Editor Susan E. Greisen will be holding a live book launch in September. Check out Events below for more information.

Upcoming Events


Taming the Dragon

Please RSVP for all events as space is limited:

  • Friday, September 9, 7pm – Kennewick, WA 
  • Saturday, September 10, 3pm – Spokane, WA
  • Monday, September 12, 7pm – Seattle, WA (EVENT NOW FULL—waitlist only)
  • Thursday, September 22, 7pm – Seattle, WA
  • Wednesday, September 28, 7pm – Bothell, WA
  • Friday, September 30, 7pm – San Diego, CA


Never the Same Again

Join local Bellingham author Susan E. Greisen in the Village Books reading room for the launch of this beautiful anthology that she co-edited with Susan Corbett and Karen E. Lange.

Village Books is still operating at a limited capacity for in-person events and recommend pre-registering to reserve your seat.

COVID protocol for our in-person events requires proof of full vaccination upon arrival. Masking is optional. Thank you for your cooperation.

Unable to attend in person? Click here to register and view remotely on zoom!


Square Up @ Motherhood by the Book, Village Books

The book group meets on the second Sunday of every month at 2pm in the Readings Gallery at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, for an hour of spirited discussion of books that celebrate the trials, tribulations, and rewards of motherhood, and what it means to be a mother. This group is by no means exclusive to moms with kids still at home. We read fiction and non-fiction, older and newer titles, all with the theme of Motherhood. Join us!

Sunday, October 9, 2pm  



Square Up: 50,000 Miles in Search of a Way Home (ebook) by Lisa Dailey will be on sale for $0.99 for the month of September. If you’d like a preview before ordering, visit to download and read the first chapter.

Click here to find Square Up for $0.99 in September!

Have you ever wished you could run away and leave your life behind? Born on the “Day of the Wanderer,” Lisa Dailey has always been filled with wanderlust. Although she and her husband had planned to take their family on a ’round-the-world adventure, she didn’t expect their plans to come together on the heels of grief, after losing seven family members in five years. Square Up shows us that travel not only helps us understand and appreciate other cultures, but invites us to find compassion and wisdom, heal from our losses, and discover our capacity for forgiveness, as well as joy.




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