Linda Morrow—Heart of This Family

Linda Morrow’s new memoir details the pioneering journey of a mother whose son is born with Down syndrome in 1966 – a time when disability rights are non-existent. This debut memoir also records the author’s gradual awakening to her own authentic self as she discovers her own voice and understands her needs have value as well.

Cami Ostman is the founder of The Narrative Project, a nine-month program that helps writers get their books done. She is also author of the book Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents, and the editor of several anthologies. Cami believes that words are powerful that we CREATE our identities with words—we tell our truths with words.

Nancy Canyon—Celia’s Heaven

Nancy Canyon presents her long-awaited novel and winner of the Cygnus Award: Paranormal Fiction from Chanticleer Reviews!

It’s as if a large chunk of her heart was wrenched away in an instant. Celia’s twin sister died suddenly in a terrible accident. Now Celia is haunted by this dear sister who is gone forever. Moreover, the emotional distance between herself and her parents, the only family that’s left behind, is painful. From her hell on earth, she yearns for her own, Celia’s Heaven, where all could be right again. But the road to Heaven is paved with broken promises and a shattering revelation.

Dick Cathell—The Gift of Becoming

In this, his first book, Mr. Cathell writes a moving collection of stories, poems, and vignettes resulting from nearly four decades of heartbreaking encounters that all came as “part of the job”. Through his experiences, Mr. Cathell discovered nine basic needs essential for coping with others’ grief, as well as his own.The life of every human sees hardship at times. A tragedy can spark questions it seems no one can answer. As a hospital chaplain, Dick Cathell’s job required him to be present in circumstances that were unbearable and unfathomable.

Dick Cathell, Ph.D., M.Div., BCC is President of Resources for Enhanced Living LLC. He has served 37 years as a hospital chaplain in Okinawa and the U.S., with leadership roles in chaplain and ministry associations. Mr. Cathell has also been endorsed and ordained by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He lives with his wife, Karlene, in Bellingham, WA overlooking the San Juan Islands. Visit for more information.

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