Hairy Vaj, Please

by Reenie Raschke

Hairy Vaj, Please: My Journey on OkCupid follows Reenie Raschke, a woman in her late fifties, adventuring through today’s online dating scene. Far beyond chronicling a series of romps, Raschke reveals that we have possibly let our valiant princes down.

In this witty, open, and deeply personal memoir, Raschke leaves no emotional stone unturned. She follows prurient circles of light, harvesting the spiritual, steamy, and dissimilar needs among us—waiting to be discovered. This tale, astride the monthly atrocities executed by our forty-fifth president, offers to shed light on the bizarre.

The title of the book, spawned by the quirky handle of a man on OkCupid, has been the source of some scrutiny. Yet Raschke stands fixed, having interviewed several women on the subject of their nether regions, that the book’s keep-it-real message is serendipitous to the lessons learned. In short, “get over it.” A guide for like-minded lady travelers, this un-corseted memoir gives a nod and a wink, intended to console and empower the lovers inside all of us.

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  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1736535820

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I’ve rarely encountered a memoir so shamelessly, guiltlessly celebratory of sexuality and the search for love as Hairy Vaj, Please. Those who might wince at the title or view the scenes in the story with hands over their eyes (all the while peeking through their fingers) will also find a storyteller committed to living life and loving passionately, but entirely in her own way. Raschke is a sensitive tuning fork, picking up every vibration of love, of lust, of longing, of pain, and of sorrow in every human and animal she encounters, even in those that many of us might cross the street to avoid. Somehow this author is simultaneously earth mother, sex kitten, flower child, political activist, feminist, and seeker of the sensuous. Open-hearted and humbly fumbling, Reenie Raschke disregards conventions, both in the life she lives and in the way that she writes about it. She twists and bends words and syntax in ways that may cause grammar fetishists to cringe, but which bring refreshing playfulness to the read. Whether you’re a free spirit who may find yourself in these pages or someone who has more often colored within the lines, Raschke’s fiercely individual, yet beautifully moral story will make you long for campfires and Calla Lillies, really good wine, and deep kisses from a skilled lover. —Betsy Graziani Fasbinder, Host of “The Morning Glory Project”

This book is fun and sexy and weird and wonderful, just like Reenie Raschke herself. —Ayelet Waldman, author of A Really Good Day

Here is Reenie Raschke at her best: narrating a brave odyssey to locate love and security, reckoning with enchantment, mystery, frustration, and high adventure, in language delightfully her own. We recognize ourselves in her moments of uncertainty, in her tenderness for beloveds, strangers, animals, for a struggling nation and world—every step aglow with her radiant spirit. Be prepared to laugh, sigh, cheer. Against exotic and homespun settings, amid discovery, sorrow, and joy, Reenie’s fearless ramblings dish up sensuous testimony about what finally, truly matters. Daughter Alice’s illustrations sweeten this bold, funny, moving memoir—a delicious companion, a bright, quirky, gentle conversation. —Joan Frank, author of The Outlook for Earthlings


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June 17, 2021

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