Memphis, Elvis-Style

by Cindy Hazen & Mike Freeman

In 1948, thirteen-year-old Elvis Presley and his family moved from Tupelo, Mississippi, to Memphis, Tennessee, thus beginning one of the great romances of our time. Elvis loved Memphis, and Memphis loved him back. As the young rock-and-roller’s fame rose, he became inextricably linked with the city he called home. Today, if there is a single name that is synonymous with Memphis, it is Elvis Presley.

Rich with anecdotes, Memphis Elvis-Style is the definitive guidebook to the King’s city. Stories told by Elvis’ peers and acquaintances add context as the book traces Elvis’ life from the apartmentsrecord shops, and churches where he dreamed of stardom to the recording studios, nightclubs, and radio stations where those dreams became reality. Aside from well-known spots like Graceland and Sun Studios, the book provides an intimate look at many lesser-known places that nevertheless played a vital role in Elvis’ life.

From the restaurants where he ate to the dealerships where he bought his cars, to the stages where he performed, this book tells the inside story of the King’s love affair with his hometown. With updated descriptions, photographs, driving directions to all of the sites, suggested songs to enhance your drive, and an accompanying app, Memphis Elvis-Style truly is the only way to see Memphis through the eyes of Elvis. The companion app is available for Apple and Android devices.



Walking in the footsteps of the King? Then you’ll need this indispensable guide to everywhere Elvis lived, worked, ate, performed, shopped, and even got his hair cut in Memphis. The authors pack each entry with recommended listening, directions, and beguiling historical context: On the day Elvis plunked down his money for his seminal record at the Memphis Recording Service, he showed up grimy from work at the M.B. Parker Company, where he took the heads off flame-throw regulators and replaced the O-rings. An essential addition to the Presley canon. Keep it in your suitcase!

—Alanna Nash, author of four books about Elvis, including The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley

Elvis once sang, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” and Memphis, Elvis-Style allows you to do just that. This fascinating book is your personal escort through the city that shaped and formed the young Elvis, the place he always called home. Detailed, precise and knowledgeable, Memphis, Elvis-Style combines Elvis’ life story with the city’s own history. Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman have updated this reissue so that it reflects current Memphis, but also honors and explores the past. With clarity and insight, these authors help you walk in Elvis’ shoes, on his streets, and come to know the city he loved.

—Laura Kalpakian, author of Graced Land

Elvis was fascinated by Memphis. In many ways, it was his Oz. Memphis Elvis-Style brings this rich story to life by inviting you to take a delightful journey with the King all around the city he loved. —Willy Bearden/Deep Delta Films, writer and director of Early Elvis and other films at the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum.


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December 18, 2022

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