Spring and All

“—Still the profound change  
has come upon them: rooted, they  
grip down and begin to awaken”

So ends the first poem in William Carlos Williams’ quirky, iconic Spring and All, published in 1923. One hundred years later, the Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ Spring and All anthology takes up its challenge: “profound change” lies at the heart of each piece. Some authors write with raffish humor, some with wry nostalgia, some with elegiac undercurrents. This collection displays a dazzling array of poetry and prose: art seeking to articulate insight. Across a broad canvas of expression, writers contend with life’s “Aha!” moments. That uplifting “Aha!” might take place in a train rattling across a foreign landscape, or in front of an enigmatic lilac bush, or during a Midwestern summer afternoon with a baseball game wafting in from the radio, even on an ordinary driveway. Our 2023 anthology offers readers a sense of awakening, sparking deeper understanding, renewed wonder, and refreshed reverence.

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