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What if We All Bloomed: Poems of Nature, Love, and Aging

Like an enticing garden, Victoria Doerper’s debut volume of poems is full of surprises: tumbling insight tucked in somber reflection, the celebratory alongside the cautionary. Open this book anywhere and find poems that chart pain, evoke pleasure, offer whimsy and describe nature in short, bright, stunning metaphors. In form, these poems are eclectic. In content they are magical, full of astute observation worthy of Emily Dickinson. Lucky you, reader.

Now only $10.95.

The Last Outrageous Woman

Eighty-six-year-old Mattie Snorgenson has had enough!  She’s spent most of her life caring for family and fitting into polite society.  Now, she is ready to follow her dream. Inspired by Mattie’s courage, four other senior women join her in escaping the boredom of life in their retirement home. Together they travel the world, each seeking to fulfill the one, secret desire she has always held. With help from a pierced, tattooed and dreadlocked granddaughter, the friends journey from Florida to the Emerald Isle, and from Tasmania to the markets of Egypt.  When their story goes viral, surfers, hitchhikers, priests and a Crocodile Dundee impersonator pitch in to help the “outrageous grannies.”  Even Doctor Phil gets into the act.

Now only $10.95.

True Stories: Volume II

What does a writer need in order to write a book? What does it take to turn yourself into an author? Well, first of all you need to believe that your story is meaningful and deserves to take up space in your life and on a bookshelf one day.

Now only $5.95.

Doggie on Deck: Life at Sea with a Salty Dog

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido. Second Edition – New and Updated! Want to take your dog boating? You can! This extensively-researched book contains clear information along with humorous, heartwarming stories about sailing with dogs. Answers questions like: how does he go potty aboard? Do dogs get seasick? What if you have to put him down at sea? Will he get enough exercise out there? And many more! 10% of the proceeds are donated to NOAH – the no-kill, non-profit animal shelter in Stanwood, WA.

Now only $10.95.

So Much Depends Upon: An Anthology

Behold the egg! Smooth, rounded, perfectly formed, fragile, its glowing center suspended in a malleable, translucent penumbra. The same might be said of these thirty-five memoirs in which the past–formed at the fragile nexus, the malleable boundary of memory and imagination–is suspended in prose, contained in an essay. You have but to crack open this book.

Now only $5.95.

Memory into Memoir: An Anthology

Red Wheelbarrow Writers are a loose affiliation of lively artists based in Bellingham, Washington. As a community, we host a monthly Happy Hour and a monthly Writerly Book Club. We are co-founders of Washington memoir Month. We offer classes, contests, novel writing events, bookstore readings, poetry projects, and parties. Red Wheelbarrow Writers are individually productive, and as a group, we support, encourage, and learn from one another. Memory into Memoir is our first anthology.

Now only $5.95.

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