You’ve written the book, but now you have to sell it. But to whom? First, you need to know your target market. Consider the 5 Ws to describe people who would be interested in buying your book.

  1. WHO is the typical reader you had in mind when you wrote the book? Who needs to hear your message? Is your reader male or female? In what age range?
  2. WHAT does your reader buy? printed book? ebooks? audiobooks?
  3. WHEN does your reader make purchases? holidays? seasonally?
  4. WHERE does your reader shop? (Hint: This is where you need to have your book available for purchase.)
  5. WHY does your reader buy? for a relaxing message or knowledge? an enjoyable way to pass time? looking for self-help?

Here are some additional questions to consider as you define your target market…

  • Why are you targeting this audience? Be specific.
  • Who would you NOT target as an audience?
  • What is your goal in targeting this audience?
  • Who has influence over your readers?
  • Who has the greatest impact on the outcome of your marketing campaign efforts?
  • List specific elements of lifestyle choices of your preferred target audience.

Think about where people choose to live, their hobbies, interests, and leisure activities. To get started, list some things that apply to you—your age, marital status, income, education, food and clothing choices. What does your reader have in common with you? Where do you both shop? eat? play?

Refining your target audience will allow you to focus your marketing efforts. Communications will be more effective because you will be getting your message to the right people.

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